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    Do you think Separate Telangana State is necessary? : Active GD

    Do you think Separate Telangana State is necessary?

    Generally there is a proverb unity is strength.
    Is it the situation to make our state into sub states?
    If so, Into how many states Andhra Pradesh must be divided?

    post your opinions as reply.
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    Hi friend,
    In my view I think separate Telangana is not necessary at the present situation.What you said is 100% correct because only with unity the strength o a nation will improve.I think the funds that are allocated for Telangana are not that misused that much as of the other.The corruption is common even if Telangana is separated also.So,I think it is unnecessary to have separate Telangana.


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    Before even jumping into the topic of a separate state let us all first analyse on what basis was the Mother India divided into states?India has been divided on the basis of languages spoken by peopel.Every state in India has a unique language of its own.So was Andhra Pradesh divided from Madras state for Telugu speaking people.After an indefinite "Fast Unto Death" by Sri.Potti Sri Ramulu for 58 days,the state came into existence on the 59 day of his indefinite fast after sacrificing his life.Hence came Andhra into existence on October 1, 1953, with Kurnool as its capital.Three years later, on November 1, 1956, the Telangana region with Telugu-speaking people, which was under the control of the princely state of Hyderabad, was brought into the State of Andhra, which was renamed Andhra Pradesh.Since then this state has been the fifth largest state in the province.
    If the people of telangana want a separate state for the so called fast by their leader KCR.Who know if he's actually fasted or not.Were they present in the hospital to watch him 24*7 or did the media who has been creating such a hype provide us with a 24 hour so called "live fast relay" from the hospital.Why did'nt all this happen?Maybe because the so called fast never happened.Even if he had performed the fast is'nt it amazing that he was in perfect position to talk with the media immediately after the announcement of the state.Wonder where he got that sudden boost of energy from!!!!!!!Hopefully not from the juice that he'd drunk to break the fast.
    The people of telangana region know the hurdles they had to face under the ruling of nizams in Hyderabad.They know how their ladies were troubled by the kings.However they are determined to have a seperate telangana state with Hyderabad as capital which means passing on the ruling power to the Muslims,which means repetition of the same scenario that happened during the nizams.
    Had Kurnool remained the capital of the state all the development that had taken place in Hyderabad would have taken place in kurnool.The Andhra and Seema people are the core reasons for Hyderabad to develop as they are the major investors in this city.Had they not invested in this city there would have been no Hyderabad.The telangana people to wait all these years long and now asking for a separate state is really disgusting.Reminds us of a popular saying "sommu okadidi sooku enkokadidi".
    As the telangana residents have been blaming Andhra and seema people for taking their water,their jobs their land,etc etc.,let us also clarify on that.Who says telangana land has been snatched from them?It was them who've sold it due to lack of money,it was the Andhra and Seema people who paid money to them and bought the lands.They were not intelligent enough to get jobs so the companies hired people with intelligence so it was the Andhra and Seema people who won the race again .Coming to water,Telangana region being on a high lying plateau neither has fertile soil to grow good crops nor can withstand water.As we know water flows from a higher region to lower region.So it is obvious that River Krishna originating from Karnataka flows to a low-lying area i.e.,Vijayawada.This a natural phenomenon and nobody has snatched water from them.

    Had telangana people been intelligent enough to analyse all this they would have never asked for a seperate state.Besides giving these reasons there are millions of other reasons why a seperate state for telangana is not required.

    Is anything more than this required to prove that a seperate state is required???????I wonder not!!!!!!!

    So let us all stand united for the "Samykhya Andhra Movement"

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    I dont think there is a need for a Telangana state now.

    What the TRS Could have tried was to have a strong
    financial package for backward Telangana development.

    What these leaders were telling that the development in
    Telangana was neglected by succussive goverments and hence
    this stir.

    Thats why my suggesttion has greater importance.

    If at all a seperate state has to be given, not
    a single leader worth mentioning to handle this
    huge task.

    Our city will go to hell in that case.

    May god save us.

    K Mohan

    First and Fastest Platinum member of this site

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    yes mohan there is no need of telangana no.

    unity is better in my opinion.

    there is no growth to state and people by giving seperate state.

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    Hello friends,
    I just want to add that this issue is causing a inconvenient state in the minds of the investors which is not allowing them whether or not to invest in Andhra Pradesh.Afte Satyam's issue this issue is leading to several economical imbalances in the state.Also this causes a bad effect on the studies of the students.


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    hi friends,
    In my view Andhra Pradesh must not be broken in to pieces.I agree with the proverb that Unity is Strength.If we are united then we can achieve progress in any field but we cant do so if we are separated.Also all the districts taxes are invested more for the development of Hyderabad.How can one leave such a Metropolitan city.Also Hyderabad is well developed in all the aspects.All Andhra Pradesh People are getting good jobs in Hyderabad and is excellently developed in the field of Information Technology than any other city in Andhra Pradesh.So my vote is not to divide Andhra Pradesh.It will nice only if it is united.

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    Hi friends,

    As per my opinion there is no need of separate teleangana state. When first state was formed the capital was not hyderabad, but the people of telangana and andhra have decided to be in unity and thus the hyderabad was made as capital of andhra pradesh.

    That gave the andhra people to invest their capital in hyderabad. Many of the people sold their properties and invested in industries and on land in hyderabad, with a view that as it is a capital city definitely the returns will be good.

    The income was also generated by the investments of people from andhra, which was in turn utilized for development of hyderabad when compared to other districts.

    Now, the other places like vijayawada, guntur or vizan etc. was not developed so much when they are compared with hyderabad.

    Hyderabad has become a place of software development and many IT companies were opened which inturn generated much employment opportunities. Many people have come to hyderabad from not only different districts of AP but also from different states.

    At this stage if telangana and andhra are separated what will be the effect on IT. Hence, I feel there should not separation of andhra and telangana

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    Hello Every one,

    Actually as there are two sides for a coin, every issue will have it`s own advantages and disadvantages.Let`s consider the on going hot topic "Separate Telangana State".Telangana issue is not a recent one,right from 50 years there is an agitation for the separate state.Telangana region is in fact situated in the upper lands and hence irrigation is not possible.More over all the properties and developments was made highly in Hyderabad region.No other city has at least 25% of it Development.So,If Telangana gets separated then there will be a severe loss for Andhra and rayalaseema region people.

    On the other side, Telangana region is under developed region when compared to other regions.They have a strong feeling that, their Jobs and opportunities are being grabbed by Andhra region people.That may be true up to certain extent.

    Now there are three solutions for this issue

    1.To give separate Telangana and Make Hyderabad as a Common capital

    2.To keep the state united

    3.To Make state in to three parts Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad State.

    But In my view I opt for the United state as there will be no use for the people of Telangana or Andhra region people by getting separated.If we go on dividing the states in to smaller ones we will loose the strength.

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    hi friends,

    I agree with what YKC say that we can achieve progress only when we are united but we cant do so if we are separated.Also most of the the people living in Hyderabad and who are very helpful in the development of Hyderabad are from Andhra.If they start sending the Andhra people back to Andhra then there will be decline in the progress of Hyderabad which will effect the whole state as Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

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    both telgana and andhra are required and they must be united.

    spliting it will not improve the growth of your state.

    even it will make it worse because all people will fight and make us powerless.

    strikes must be done in descent way.Government already got 100 million rupees loss for one day strike.

    hope this issue will decide soon.

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    Each member expressed their views and yes definitely I to agree with all of the people who are against the separation of Telangana. Now here I would like to make out some points

    1. If Telangana is separated then our honorable minister of TRS, Mr.K Chandrashekar Rao tells that Telangana is not developed because it was united with the other two major parts Andhra and Rayalaseema. If it is then were did other two major parts of Andhra Pradesh get developed?

    2. And coming to the issue of Hyderabad: If some other city was the capital of Andhra Pradesh then definitely people from different regions of the state together develop the city as it is the capital of our state. Now if some people come and want Telangana as separate state, than how is it possible to give them our developed capital of Andhra Pradesh with them.

    3. Mr.K.Chandra Shekar Rao says these words, how come he can use such abuse words against the people
    'Telangana wala jaago.....Andhrawala baago'

    Our Indians are struggling in Australia to survive. Then there is point in making them as culprits because in our country and in our own state they are against to one of the region people.

    4. And theere is another reason, Hyderabad is known as the second IT hub i.e., after Bangalore Hyderabad is the most famous place for development of IT Industry. If our state gets separated than the development of IT definitely stops here and shifts to Chennai or any other city. I do no want to mention the names as it is not a confirmed news. But people believe by the behavior of the Central government with our state.

    Because of this unnecessary strikes all the academics are postponed and are still going on postponing. Not only academics but there is a huge loss in the business sector. Who is responsible for all this?
    When this all will get solved? How much loss is still left to be occurred?

    Shobha Manasa
    Business Directory & Polls section Editor

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    Excellent Sobha Manansa I completely agree with you and I think what you say is 100% correct and also this issue causes severe damage to the people who are connected to IT industry and also students are losing their academics at the peak time of the year.Hope the issue of separate state will resolve in New Year and hope for the best in new year.

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    Very Good points Shobha Manasa.But a small correction, TRS Chief name is K.Chanrashekar RAO but not REDDY.

    Other than that mistake everything was fine.

    Webmaster -

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    These people are rally educated fools. Especially people like KCR are educated fools, who are the cause of the destruction happened today in our state. And one more point I would like to raise here is, there are separate states like Jharkand and Chattisgarh where there is no development after their separation. Then what is the use of separation?

    People simply want to grab money from various parts by becoming honorable state assemblies. This is the only reason I could find which is the reason of separate state.

    And Krishna Chaitanya thanks for correcting, I first wrote it as Rao and then changed it to Reddy. Anyways I corrected it now.

    Shobha Manasa
    Business Directory & Polls section Editor

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    I completely agree with you Manasa.Keeping aside educated fools KCR demanding for a separate Telangana wonder whats wrong with politicians demanding for separate Andhra?While there are politicians fighting for a united state why dont other politicians either support them or just keep their mouths shut.

    Adding essensce to the entire event is the media.The media is actually misguiding sudents by giving biased information on the happenings.Wonder what we can do to stop this?

    What I strongly feel is a change needs to come not among the politicians but among the students who are creating havoc in the twin cities leading to lots of property loss and destruction.

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    Yes Sahasra I completely agree with you. These media is always taking the people into a negative way of thinking and is the only main reason for causing the misunderstandings between people.

    I would like to state an example here. Once there was some comedian in the Tollywood was admitted in ICU. I did not remember his name but as far as I know it was 'Mallikarjun Rao'. Then these media declared that he id dead. And which is not the actual news. This media is killing the people before they die. Not only this there are many occasions were they interpret in a wrong way to the people. They always create hype in people.

    And here is one more example. When our previous chief minister was not found for 24 hours. This media channels misguided people by saying that YSR had talked to his beloved friend and had confirmed that he is fine. But which is not at all true and the people are misguided.

    And recently in this Telangana issue, the Osmania University students behaved so rudely by attacking the TDP MLAs who went to see them.

    Yes students are really playing a very bad role in this issues. They should not get involved. What will we get if we fight. The politicians are very well fine. They want separate state only to eat money and no other reason I can see. What will they develop. I recently heard that 4 IT companies came to Hyderabad for placement upto 1,00,000 people. But they returned back because of this issues. Is this going to help us in any way?

    What is the result for it? Why are we people getting suffered in between?

    Shobha Manasa
    Business Directory & Polls section Editor

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