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Guest Posts: Content posting for Backlinks

In this post, I will discuss the rules regarding content posting for the purpose of getting backlinks to your own websites and blogs.

Here are the general guidelines for guest posts, however, articles with backlinks may be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the editors and webmasters.

1. If you are posting articles for the purpose of getting backlinks to your blog or other sites, you are not eligible for any rewards from this site including cash credits for the article, AdSense revenue share and contest prizes. If you have received any rewards in the past, you cannot use the same account to create articles for backlinks.

2. We do not allow links to any site other than content highly relevant to the article.

3. Links to sites that violate any AdSense policies are not allowed. This include links to Casino sites, Gambling sites, Porn sites, pages that promote violence, pornography or adult content.

4. Links to sites that violate general webmaster good practices are not allowed.

5. Article that provide backlink should have minimum 1,000 words of high quality content.

6. Only 1 backlink per 1,000 words is allowed. In order to use 2 back links, there should be minimum 2,000 words in the article.

7. We no longer accept keyword based anchor text for the external links. Instead, the anchor text should be same as the url or non-keyword. (Words like "click here", "this link" etc can be used as anchor text.

8. Low quality articles will be not be approved by our editors.

9. We reserve the rights to delete an article at a later stage, if it fails to add any value to our site and fail to fetch any organic traffic. We will re-check guest articles after few weeks to see how it performs in search engines and how much traffic it gets. If it fail to get any traffic, it may be deleted. Also, if we find that the article is negatively affecting our site in any manner, we may delete it.

If you are writing articles for backlinks, add a message to the editor in the specific field provided in the bottom of resource posting page. Clearly mention that this article is written for the purpose of backlinks and follows all related guidelines.

Also, if you are active member of this site, read about posting limited number of promotional content without losing your other rewards/benefits.

Click here to post a guest article. (We do not accept guest articles by email)

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