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Some of FAQ’s that any member would have about Hyderabad Spider

What is Hyderabadspider.com?

Hyderabadspider.com is an exclusive All in One website for Hyderabad where any one can get any detail about Hyderabad. HyderabadSpider is one website where you get to know everything about Hyderabad at a click of a button.

Browsing through the various sections one will definitely get a lot of detail about Hyderabad. One can join Hyderabad Spider and post details too.

Is there any fees to become a member?

No. There are no fees to be a member of Hyderabad Spider.

What are Membership Levels ?

Based on the total points earned by a member, we promote members to various levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum etc. Higher level members enjoy additional benefits like automatic approval of their content, annual bonus, profit share etc.

Membership Levels points:

Bronze : 1 to 100 points
Silver : 101 to 500 points
Gold : 501 to 5000 points
Diamond : 5001 to 25000 points and a minimum of 2,500 points in last 365 days
Platinum : 25001 and above and a member should have made 10000 points in the last 365 days.

Can I make money from Hyderabadspider.com?

Sure, you can earn pocket money from Hyderabadspider.com. That completely depends on how much time you can spend. Members can make money through this website.

HyderabadSpider.com pays you for your posting, you can also earn revenue from one of the leading revenue generator “Google AdSense”.

How much money can I make from here? Can I make it my full time job?

Posting in Hyderabadspider.com is just a part time work which you can do in your leisure time, not making it full time job. You can be an active member on the website and earn cash credits for it.

I see cash credits near my profile, what are Cash Credits?

Cash credit is displayed in your profile. This is the amount that you earn from posting in Hyderabadspide.com in various sections, where cash credits is allocated. These are updated automatically and once the respective editor allocates it.

How can I receive my payment?

Once you have reached the payout limit (Rs.750), the management will contact you and gather some information from you related to the payout.

Can I copy content from any other website?

Copying content is strictly not allowed. Even if the information in the other website is your own one, we would like you to rewrite the entire article before posting it in Hyderabad Spider. Copied contents will be deleted. Go through the Posting Guidelines

What is difference between Points and Cash credits?

Points are the one which you earn by posting in different section. These are not equal or calculated as cah credit in your account. Allocation points will increase your membership level.

Cash credit is amount that you earn while posting which allocated by the respective editor. Cash will be paid to you when you reach the payout limit.

Can I write / post in different Language?

Curerntly we have only English as the standard language for posting. In future we will integrate, where in you can write in different language.

Who approves / reject the content posted in HyderabadSpider.com?

There is team of members who looks into each and every post, posted by the member, any kind of duplication or information missing is notified to the member. If the information posted is not valid or not posted by folllowing the guidelines. The respective editor has complete right to reject it.

How to join and start making money?

Here are the steps to participate in HyderabadSpider.com:
# Register as a member on HyderabadSpider.com:.
# Introduce yourself in our forum section. You will get a warm welcome from the active community members.
# Post articles get some referrals.
# Actively participate in forums.

If I have any questions, who should I contact?

Simply post it in the Forum section. We will answer your question as soon as possible. If you have any technical Problem then please contact us through the “Contact Us” link in the left panel.

Why my Article was rejected?

Articles are reviewed by Editors manually and every article is approved when it follows the guidelines:Posting Guidelines

How to get maximum Cash credit?

# You can get maximum cash when your articles have:Detailed information on the topic
# Presentation
# Proper explanation
# Proper English Grammar
# Proper Title keywords that search engine understands better
# Use of images
# Self-written

Can I become an editor in HyderabadSpider.com ?

Editors are recruited by lead editors, site coordinator and webmasters on need basis. From time to time, we add additional editors to our team to support our fast growth. Please find more details about Editor Hiring Process

For further Details Go to Need Help Section or Post your Queries in "Forum" section